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Welcome to Adders Class

Year 4 is the final year of Lower KS2 for the children at Trinity. Adders and Newts are the Year 4 classrooms where exciting learning will take place. In KS2, we build on the excellent foundation children have had in the early years, KS1 and Year 3 by keeping some things familiar while introducing new ways of working which help the children manage the step up in the curriculum and eventually prepare for their move into Year 5. 


Our carefully planned topics have been created to inspire and challenge the children across all areas of the wider curriculum. The topics encourage the children to work in a cross-curricular way, allowing them to apply their learning across several subjects throughout the day. Visitors and trips are planned in throughout the year to further enhance this learning.


In English, we teach many genres throughout the year and have dedicated time for spelling, punctuation and grammar teaching as well.


In maths, White Rose will be used to allow the children to learn many new concepts in a variety of ways to ensure the learning is embedded. Times Tables Rock Stars will also be used to improve the children’s recall of their times tables. Additionally, Doodlemaths is encouraged as a learning tool at home. 


Reading is still of huge priority with Accelerated Reader (AR) tracking text preferences and comprehension skills. Our KS2 library is well stocked with a broad range of AR books and the children submit book requests which our librarian sources for us. For those not quite ready to move to AR we support through the Little Wandle keep ups, giving children specific books for their phonetic stage. These are also stocked in our KS2 library. We have a guided reading session every day, one of which is a trip to the main library. We also have a dedicated reading slot each day, after lunch. In this time, the children will be heard read at least once a fortnight. As a class, we have chosen our class read which we enjoy at the end of each day.  


 PE will continue to take place twice a week, once with a PE coach and once with the class teacher. Forest School will now be accessed at different points throughout the year to enhance in-class learning. 


Moving up to Year 4 is an exciting step which comes with many different emotions so please do ask if you are ever unsure about anything. Our team has a wealth of experience and we are on hand to help make you and your child feel at home. 

Some websites which will support your child with their learning:

Please find the downloads below, outlining the learning that will be taking place in Year 4. 

Our Learning Topic

Knowledge Organiser

Curriculum Overview

Key Performance Indicators - Year 4

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