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Science – Our content, aims and concepts

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Science at Trinity

It is our aim to provide our children with a full and rich science curriculum that not only sets them in good stead for their secondary education but excites them and draws them in, encouraging them to ask questions. They are taught the key knowledge and skills to enable them to develop an understanding of the world around them through the scientific disciplines of physics, biology and chemistry.  In addition to this, we recognise the importance of children understanding how science is used in the ‘real world’ and highlighting the varying job opportunities the subject can bring.

Teachers think very carefully about the progression of Science knowledge and skills when planning Science learning enquiries.With a personal level of knowledge and understanding, the teachers share their expertise and ensure that children are exposed to a high quality curriculum that covers both knowledge based and practical based experiences where the children will work scientifically; We use the knowledge to plan and support enquiry and investigation whilst developing and supporting a high level of scientific vocabulary.

​We realise the importance of the building blocks within each of the three science concepts and ensure learning is sequential and well ordered for all our pupils.

SCIENCE  – Examples of Science Learning at Trinity

SCIENCE  – Examples of Science Learning at Trinity

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